Today nearly 60 members of the Dutch Catalysis Community met in Eindhoven to kick-off the Catalysis Community of Interest (CoI) and take the next steps in community building together. 

Notable contributions to the kick-off meeting were the presentations by Rutger van Santen (“The Dutch catalysis community in the nineties”), Nils Bottke of BASF Germany (“The Future of Catalysis for Sustainable Manufacturing”) and Mark Boneschanscher of EIRES TUe/NWO (“Funding opportunities for (public-private) catalysis research”).

Adding to these presentations, there were focused breakout discussion sessions and the meeting saw ample opportunities for personal interaction.  The event expanded the attendees’ personal contacts across ages and affiliations, and has clearly set the foundation of a community willing to stay continuously engaged in our process.

Read more details on the meeting in the CoI section of this website.


Building "Zwarte Doos" at Eindhoven University of Technology

The CoI kick-off meeting was held in the ‘Zwarte Doos’ building at Eindhoven University of Technology. Image: TU/e.