Author: VIRAN

CoI face-to-face workshop

Today nearly 60 members of the Dutch Catalysis Community met in Eindhoven to take the next steps in community building together. The workshop included three dedicated presentations, as well as focused breakout discussion...

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Catalysis Community of Interest (CoI)

About five years ago, VIRAN and NIOK decided to establish a “Community of Interest” (CoI) as an instrument to align and energize the Netherlands catalysis research, and to reconnect it to the success, visibility and impact that...

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VIRAN poster prizes at 2022 NCCC conference

At the annual Dutch catalysis conference (NCCC), VIRAN awards prizes for the best poster in each of the poster sessions. The prize winners for the 2022 NCCC conference are José Palomo Jiménez and Eva Meeus:   José Palomo Jiménez...

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