What is VIRAN and what does it do?

VIRAN was established in 1996 as the industrial advisory council of NIOK, the Dutch catalysis research school (‘Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek in de Katalyse’). It serves as a platform for the coordination of industrial involvement with catalytic education and university research, and as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas within the catalysis industry.

As a nationwide graduate school (‘Onderzoekschool’). NIOK fosters the advancement of both higher education and research in catalysis and stimulates collaboration between scientists of different disciplines and universities. About 35 professors and more than 200 PhD students at 8 Dutch Universities cover the whole range of catalysis: heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, and biocatalysis. VIRAN not only advises NIOK on possible research subjects and strategy but also cooperates actively on educational developments, such as catalysis master courses. Furthermore, VIRAN has an important role in initiating and facilitating initiatives to strengthen the Dutch catalysis (research) community. You can read more on past VIRAN initiatives on this page.


VIRAN is open to companies related to all aspects of catalysis, both from the Netherlands and abroad. The VIRAN membership offers companies an opportunity to discuss Dutch catalysis research and help to shape and direct it. Furthermore, VIRAN meetings provide members with valuable networking possibilities and close contacts with the forefront of Dutch catalysis research. VIRAN also holds an annual plenary meeting.

Membership benefits in detail:

  • Involvement with the future of catalytic research in The Netherlands.
  • The right to one free consultancy day each year by a NIOK staff member.
  • The opportunity to have university graduate students detached to their own research laboratories as trainees.
  • Access to specialized university apparatus at a reduced rate.
  • The right to send one employee of a member company’s own staff on any NIOK course at a reduced rate (reduced early registration fees of € 600).
  • The possibility for member companies to have their own staff training and education executed by NIOK staff members at a reduced rate.
  • Free access to lectures by NIOK guest lecturers.


The annual membership fees are:

  • small companies € 812,50
  • medium-sized companies € 1625
  • large companies € 3250
  • non-NL companies with small to medium operations in the EU € 1625
  • non-NL companies with large operations in the EU € 3250


If you want to become a member or want more information, please contact the VIRAN office.